#Poem on Friday ~ Home

July 2016

I can remember that drive home from work when I heard that Roger Whitaker song. I can’t remember what song it was, but it made me long for this feeling of having a home deeply connected with a country.

My home has always been with the people who supported me and made my life worth living. Not with a country.

Today I would say Great Britain is my home but also Germany, Australia, Ireland, Spain, the US and many more because there are the people who are important to me and who make my life worth living.


July 2009

I heard a Rodger Whitaker song last night when I came home from work. Can’t remember which but he said something about something that reminds him of Britain. And suddenly I thought:” I wouldn’t write something like that about Germany.”
It’s not a lot that I miss. That would be my granny, my friends, Borkum and Laugenbrezeln. That’s pretty much it.
But I also felt like writing about that and so that one came into being:


Where is my home?
In the country, I come from?
In the country, I live in?
Where is my home?

Home is where ever I lay my hat!

German Version


Wo ist meine Heimat?
Das Land, in dem ich geboren bin?
Das Land, in dem ich lebe?
Wo ist meine Heimat?

Wo immer ich meinen Hut hinlege,
das ist meine Heimat!

I thought “wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home!” is an English saying but it seems like it is “just” lyrics or titles from Marvin Gay and Paul Young.


July 2016

I am not sure if I wrote that poem in English and translated it into German or the other way round. It doesn’t matter anyway. Today I write first in English :-).


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