What is Depression?


This is just a short introduction about depression and what it means to live with it. I will go into more detail in later posts.

What is Depression?

Approximately 10% of world’s population live with depression

Depression is a condition that approximately 10% of the world’s population lives with. Even though so many are affected it is an often poorly understood condition and those who live with it are faced with many prejudices.

No obvious physical symptoms

There are no visible physical symptoms like fever or a wound. But you could think of it as your soul or mind having been hurt either by a traumatic event or stressful situation like poverty or a chronic illness.

This effects hormones in your brain called Neurotransmitters which change your thinking and behaviour often dramatically. You lose motivation to take care of yourself or do the things you enjoy and meet your friends and family. Your thinking is on a downward spiral: Everything feels and looks negative.

Symptoms mainly concern your feelings and thinking

As the symptoms mainly concern your thinking or behaviour those who live with depression, as well as those around them, think it has to do with the person’s decisions and not to do with an illness. That makes it so difficult to understand what being depressed means.

Ways of dealing with depression

However, there are ways to deal with depression: Most often used are therapy and/or medication which can either be herbal or chemical. Alternative means of dealing with depression include Aromatherapy, writing, reading, crystal or spiritual healing.

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