#frapalymo on May 11th 2013/ #frapalymo am 11. Mai 2013

#frapalymo says good bye today or “see you again” as “wiedersehen” literally translated means:
” I can only say: wow! That was a richness of very touching “father mine” poems. Thank you very much for those texts. They all touched me very much in very different ways. I am wondering what you will write for Mothers Day (pssst to remember: That will be the prompt for tomorrow…. who would have thought – *grin* (for UK readers:Tomorrow is Mothers Day in Germany).
But now as an intermediate step a prompt for the #frapalymo -poem on May 11th. It is quite simply: „wiedersehen/see you again“. As every day I am looking forward to your texts!”
(This part is not translated exactly from Frau Paulchens blog post as it has to be a bit different for those of you who want to write poems to these prompts in English and post them here in this blog. Even though you are invited to send them to  @FrauPaulchen  too if you want toI am happy to translate them for you) 
You are invited to write a poem to the above prompt  see you again”. It is entirely up to you if you just want to keep it for yourself but it would be wonderful if you want to share it with us.
You can either post it on your blog and let me know that I can link to it and tweet about it via @Morgaine620 or Bee.Halton(at)gmail.com. Or you can post it in the comment box underneath the corresponding post. I am looking forward to reading your poems :-) .
photo credit: Me, myself and I 😉
Ihr findet den deutschsprachigen Impuls hier: #frapalymo Impuls fuer den 11. Mai

Leave a buzz for The Bee. Much appreciated!

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