Lions Head again

I quite like this picture even though it is not that clear.

Last year when visiting Glastonbury, we went to the Chalice Well Gardens where the healing Lions Well is. Its water is supposed to have healing properties but tastes quite strongly as it is iron rich.

I was playing around with perspective and also with the zoom of my camera and that is what came from it:



Looking closer now I registered how clear the water looks like when it hits the stone on the bottom. In a way, you can see the movement of the water as well which I usually have trouble to capture. If I use the sports setting that goes quite well but not with the normal settings.

I wish I knew more about how to use different ways of focus and knew how things really work. I could do better photos but for now, other things are more important. I just can not be bothered to read up on it or do a course :-).

Leave a buzz for The Bee. Much appreciated!

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