Make it or break it…


…. that is the question.

I loved @FrauPaulchen’s #frapalymo project and most of all do or repost a poem a day. Thought in between “Wish I could do that every day!” But alas the day just has 24 hours, and I just can not let any of my blogs go *sigh*

Am off on holiday for a few days and will use the time to decide how to go on. I want to write “Zara” but also “Morsmart” and and and….. too many ideas not enough time! Something’s gotta give:-(!

But maybe I’ll find the perfect solution while I sit and sip my cider in Somerset 🙂 we’ll see. For now, there will be no more posts until I am back in about a weeks time. Just take your time and browse some of my old stuff ~ thanks for your patience and for stopping by. Your visits and likes are much appreciated!!!!!


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