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Last week I joined another network. My original thought was to leave Facebook as I am not too happy with their constant changes as well as the questions about data protection.

It felt like a tip from heaven when I read Kirsten Lamb’s blog and her introduction of her WANA-Tribe. It is a network located on Ning and WANA means “WE ARE NOT ALONE”. It was created to connect artists with each other as it is often difficult for them to find a “family” who understand them. So many still think it is just “Hobby” and you should not earn money with it. And what shall I say? I love it. As I am a busy bee doing loads of things I have not spend as much time there as I wanted to but I feel like I will stay.

There are more writers for now but it is supposed to be for all artists. So if you are a painter, dancer, choreographer, photographer … please feel free to join as well and bring more balance to WANA. 🙂

I have started a little photography group and I quite like it. It is so nice to share pictures but also experiences. If you want to have a look just follow this link: My Camera and me ~ a photography group. (I have left Ning since so that group does not exist anymore)

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