sorry guys one late one and no poem (probably ;-) ) #frapalymo No 27

@FrauPaulchen wrote in her blog yesterday:

Here is the prompt for day 27 at #frapalymo . It is inspired by a great poet Paul Celan , who is worth reading again and again. 

That is why the prompt for the poem at May 27th: “ich habe bambus geschnitten: für dich, mein sohn/I cut bamboo my son, for you!” – on the basis of one of his poems with the same title which is so beautiful but also very sad.  The poem is from the book  Die Niemandsrose. Sprachgitter . (You can find an English translation here Celan-Eratosphere)

And the usual: Please tell me your link and I can retweet the link to your blog or put a link on my blog. Or put your poem in the comment box under my poem on that day (best way is not to copy it directly from a word file but first copy it into an email and then from there with the copy/paste function into the comment box). Identification via Twitter is #frapalymo and I am @FrauPaulchen .

*It is not necessary to copy the exact words of the prompt for your poems. It is just meant to give you an incentive to think and write poetry. If you use the exact words please make this clear in your poem. Thanks. You can choose the form of the poem.

And, of course, you sent you poems and links to me :-) @Morgaine620 or post them under my poem. If you want it translated into German please give me a shout.


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