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Angry woman ~ Poem at Night


I am
a very

she said

No one

she got
the shotgun

#JusJoJan no 8 non-sensical


Morning monkeys make millers moan.

On occacion one occupies oldies.

No, no nonsense!

Given grief 

Reliefs rotund rats.

Even elves

Laugh loudly.


This post takes part in Linda’s Just Jot it January. Please head over and visit host Dan and prompt giver Geoff. Thanks!

The Smile and the Dragonfly ~ A #Poem



The Smile and the Dragonfly

It’s elegant flight

conjures a smile

on my face.




does not


Not sure if I should consider this video cruel but it certainly teaches us something 🙂

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Double #frapalymo poetry prompt ~ 27/28nov16


Sorry my dear fellow #frapalymoists, that I have not posted a prompt for two days. We had a family emergency and I needed to be there for them so there was no time for posting. Only my scheduled posts were published. All is well now so no need for worrying and I am back to translating the last few prompts for #frapalymo in November 2016. There might not be a poem from today. But I’ll be back with new poetry from tomorrow on.

I might translate the missed prompts from the beginning of the month and the one from Saturday at the beginning of December but I do not know yet if I can manage that. Let yourself be surprised :-).

But now to the prompts from yesterday and today. @FrauPaulchen chose one of her famous double prompts and that is why I translate both in one go.

#frapalymo prompt 27nov16

wow ~ a great prompt with the street noises, which evoked  fine poems.

at the end of the poetry month, there is another double prompt for you which again allows you all freedoms. and who knows, maybe one or the other haiku, elevenie, pantoum, automatic poem appears again….?  

so the #frapalymo prompt no 27 is: “endlessly” and not surprisingly the prompt for the second part for November 28th is “ending”. i wish you endless writing joy

#frapalymo prompt 28nov16

in short part 2 of the double prompt after the endlessness… what ending texts might the endlessness provide us with?  

#frapalymo prompt no 28 is: “ending” 

…and the small print: please let me know via email or twitter if you take part. then I can post the link to your blog/poem on Twitter. or post the link in the comments under the daily prompt post on my blog. the hashtag for Twitter is #frapalymo, and I am @FrauPaulchen.”

Of course, my fellow English speaking poets and poetesses rather let me @Morgaine620 know or post the link here in the comments.

You can find the original German posts here and here.

English frapalymo

Suggestions for taking part in English #frapalymo

  1. read the translation of @FrauPaulchen’s prompt
    2. write your English (German if you can/want to) poem on your blog and tag it with “English #frapalymo.”
    3. use the “English #frapalymo” picture if you want to
    4. set a link to the translated prompt here on Bee’s blog
    5. visit other links posted here and if you want to/can those posted with the hashtag #fapalymo on Twitter
    6. The Bee will post your link to the German #frapalymo and translate for you if you want to. Now go, create and have lots of fun!

Starting Creatively ~ Mo 24Oct16


September 2016

Another week is around and I hope it will be a good one for all of us. Just in case your ideas run out for your creative endeavours here is a prompt from 2012 that still holds some fascination:

June 2012

As long as I was supporting the #frapalymo project of @FrauPaulchen it seemed to me that many readers liked the prompts we were given even though not many seemed to have written a poem or wanted to post one here.

That is a shame but maybe you just have to get more used to it. Or I have to explain them more. Anyway, I decided as we always search for inspiration (and sometimes there is just none) to provide an idea every Monday that you may or may not follow throughout the week.

For this week my little project is to write poems (draw pictures, take a photo, make a dance, create a song, write a story….) about places you have visited on your holiday. It can just be a poetic description of the place or just how it made you feel or whatever comes to mind. Be free ~ be lyrical 🙂 ~ be creative!

So my Prompt for this week is:

Beloved places you visited on your holiday!



Creatively Starting taking part suggestions

  • read this week’s prompt
  • remember it when you run out of ideas
  • use it in any way you like (song, photo, story, dance, drawing….)
  • put a pingback to this post so I can share it with as many followers as possible
  • Have fun

Now go, create and have lots of fun!

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A Poem


A moments sunshine


I hurry down the steps

to gather it in


Where is Suriname?/ Wo ist Surinam?


My next follower lives in Suriname and I have to admit I had no idea where that is until I informed myself via Google maps:

View Larger Map

Kenneth Rellum has created a wonderful blog about poetry in English and Dutch. It is called Gladius Poeticus and is about poetry in general but also about his own.

He aptly describes social problems as well as finds beautiful words about the the physical world around him. Definitely worth a visit!

Thanks for following Gladius Poeticus!


(Links in diesem Beitrag sind in niederlaendischer und englischer Sprache)

Mein naechster Nachfolger lebt in Surinam und ich muss zugeben, dass ich nicht wusste wo das liegt bis ich bei google maps nachgesehen habe:

Kenneth Rellum gestaltet einen wunderbaren blog ueber Lyrik in niederlaendischer und englischer Sprache. Er heisst Gladius Poeticus und es darin um Lyrik im Allgemeinen aber auch seine eigene.

Er beschreibt auf den Punkt genau gesellschaftliche Probleme aber auch einfach nur die Welt um ihn herum in wunderschoenen Worten. Muss man besucht haben!

Danke fuers Folgen Gladius Poeticus!



1 & 1 = 1


No I have not become cryptic even though I try really really hard ;-).

Today I wanted to introduce you to itsmeiiKaii’s blog but unfortunately Bt can not find it. Well then I am sorry but I have to go on and introduce you to the inspiring poetry of That Dude Eddie which always makes me smile. And that is what makes 1&1 = 1 🙂

But it is not only funny or happy poetry. It stirs a lot more than that. “That Dude Eddie Blog” definitely worth visiting.

Thanks for the follow.

Cryptic mantis southern Africa Français : Sybi...

Cryptic mantis southern Africa Français : Sybilla pretiosa Afrique australe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Links in diesem Eintrag sind in englischer Sprache)

Nein meine Worte werden noch nicht kryptisch auch wenn ich mich wirklich sehr darum bemuehe ;-).

Heute wollte ich eigentlich itsmeiiKaii’s Blog vorstellen aber ungluecklicherweise kann  Bt ihn nicht finden. Tja dann tut es mir leid aber ich muss Euch die inspirierende Lyrik von That Dude Eddie vorstellen, die mich immer zum Laecheln bringt.

Aber sie ist nicht nur lustig oder schoen. Sie regt sehr viel mehr an:  “That Dude Eddie Blog” ist einen Besuch wert.

Und so wurde 1 & 1 = 1 😉

Danke fuers Folgen

oh dear have neglected this one shamefully/ Oh je habe diesen total vernachlaessigt


I admit I have shamefully neglected this blog lately. There is no excuse for it but I fear it will happen again. So much is changing, so much is going on. But I still love it and therefore I give you another of my lovely followers.

The Linnet is with me for ages and I love the blog just because of its link


Phoenix of the linnet ~ who can resist that??????

If you bother to go along you’ll find a mixture of own poetry, poetry of friends as well as writing prompts and other ideas.

Definitely worth visiting!!!!l

Thanks for following!!!!!


Linnet (Photo credit: Sergey Yeliseev)


Links in diesem Eintrag sind in englischer Sprache

Ich gebe zu, ich habe diesen Blog total vernachlaessigt in der letzten Zeit. Dafuer gibt es keine Entschuldigung aber ich fuerchte es wird wieder passieren. So viel aendert sich und so viel ist bei mir los. Aber ich liebe diesen Blog immer noch und so werde ich Euch mal wieder einen meiner NachfolgerInnen vorstellen.

The Linnet  folgt mir seit langer Zeit und ich liebe den Blog einfach nur fuer seinen Link:


Phoenix of the linnet ~ wer kann dem wiederstehen??????

Wenn Du Dir Zeit nimmst, um ihn zu besuchen, wirst Du eine wunderbare Sammlung von seinen Gedichten, den Gedichten von Freunden und Schreibanregungen finden.

Den muss man besucht haben!!!!l

Danke fuers Folgen!!!!!