Twitter – Every poets Muse?/Twitter die Muse eines jeden Poeten?


August 2017

I am not as much on Twitter or social media in general as I used to be but I still agree about Twitter being a good place to find inspiration. I have to admit though that I adjusted my follower goal a little. 10 000 I want to have and I am just over 6100 so far :-).

April 2011

Well I said it before:
I am a fan of twitter even though I thought it a pretty silly idea at first.
But after a year or so of tweeting on and off, 430 followers and great regular inspiration I am a big fan. Of course, my goal is Stephen Fry’s 1 Million….lol!

Never mind… I found a bunch of very creative people from all over the world with poetry, photographs, stories or just everyday tweets that inspire me a great bunch and even bring me back to writing when writer’s block hit. I can just advise every writer/poet to join.

August 2017
Ich bin zwar nicht mehr so viel auf Twitter oder Sozialen Netzwerken im Allgemeinen aber ich stimme dem immernoch zu, dass Twitter ein guter Platz ist, um Inspiration zu gewinnen. Allerdings habe ich mein Follower Ziel ein wenig geandert. Ich arbeite auf 10 000 zu und habe soweit knapp ueber 6100 Nachfolger gefunden.
April 2011
Ich habs ja schon mal gesagt:
Ich bin ein twitter – Fan obwohl ich zuerst dacht, dass es ganz schoen bloed sei.
Aber nach einem Jahr mehr oder weniger twittern, 430 Nachfolgern (ich will einfach nicht verfolgt werden nachfolgen dagegen finde ich recht angenehm 😉 ) und regelmaessiger Inspiration bin ich ein grosser Fan.  Stephen Fry’s 1 Million Nachfolger mein Ziel.
Macht ja nichts….Ich habe auf Twitter einen Haufen kreativer Leute aus der ganzen Welt gefunden, die mich mit ihrer Lyrik, ihren Bildern oder ganz einfach Alltags-tweets sehr inspirieren und mich sogar wieder zum schreiben bringen, wenn ich eine Schreibblockade habe.
Ich kann nur jedem Schreiber und Poeten raten, bei zu treten!

#322 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Words travel again


November 2016

I wrote a poem a day from June 2014 to May 2015 and as travel is a topic on Thursdays on this blog I wanted to repost this poem and dedication to one of my favourite poets. Enjoy:

April 2015

Today’s poem is a tribute to one of my favourite poets: Erich Fried. Born in Austria he had to flee the Nazi’s and came to Great Britain where he worked as a writer but also a Shakespeare translator.

He became famous for his political engagement especially against the Vietnam war. In Germany many did not realise that he had written beautiful love poems too.

The one I chose to work with is “Words“. I took only verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns of the poem and then created a new one.

These are the words I have used:

words lose syllables tiredness silly mistakes begin typewriter want fall asleep wake daily sadness happenings world things I prevent word starts groom quietly hums half thought starts brushing looks another momentarily choking something swallow looks around takes half thought hand says: Come tired words fly typos laugh themselves half whole thoughts London’s ghetto sea plains mountains across spot walk down steps garden morning pause pay attention look see rest hear flutter little cold perhaps still little misplaced truly happy you



Words travel again
Again words travel.
They fly quietly
While you are asleep.
Syllables of happenings
On plains, sea and mountains
Want to fall daily into sadness.
They don’t wake anymore
On typewriters. They
Begin maybe in London’s Ghetto
Just to hum in every spot in
This world.
A word momentarily
Might lose its mistakes but
Tiredness pays attention
To silly things that begin
To groom typos but
Prevent nothing.
Half thoughts and
Tired words walk down
Little misplaced steps
In our I’s.
They look around and brush
On something to choke on.
Then half thoughts start
To swallow and look for one another.
They start.
They take each others hand and look
Around in their little garden.
One says: “come” but the
Whole of them pause and
Laugh at themselves.
See across in the morning
To the spot where they rest.
Hear them flutter before
Perhaps they become still.
Will they ever be truly happy?

Poem at night ~ The Owls Path


The Owls Path

hoot hoot

an owl



far away


my heart


with the nights



I want

to follow


owls path

barn owl on fence


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Poem at night ~ Scattered





my mind

over a thousand

thoughts and hopes.



my mind

over a thousand

thoughts and hopes.


scattered writing

my mind, my mind

over thoughts and thousands

of hopes.



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Hope II ~ A #Poem


September 2016

This poem is dedicated to one of my favourite German poets Hilde Domin. I was introduced to her poetry and her theory about poetry when I studied social work and it has been an inspiration every since.Especially since I have decided to immigrate to the UK. Hilde Domin did not really decide or only partly to immigrate to the Dominican Republic. She was Jewish so she had not a real choice in the 1930’s and 40’s. Her artist’s name is a dedication to the country that gave her safety in Nazi times.

The link I set in the third line of the poem leads to a page which at the bottom gives you more information about this incredible poet.

June 2012

Hope II


They wrote
roses and trees

in sight
of murder
and torture


is the only way
of hope


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(Links in this entry are in German)

Ron Hard is following me for 3 month’s and 3 weeks as well. His writing is down to earth and honest about the hardships that life can throw at you. But he has not given up but fights for social justice in Germany with his writing and public appearances.

I love his poems which are raw and poetic. There is much more to him but I think you should have a look for yourself: Poet’s desk!

Thanks Ron for following my blog!

Auch Ron Hard folgt mir seit 3 Monaten und 3 Wochen. Seine Worte sind realistisch und ehrlich darueber, welche Haerten das Leben Dir in den Weg werfen kann. Aber er hat nicht aufgegeben sondern kaempft fuer soziale Gerechtigkeit in Deutschland mit seinem Schreiben und Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit.

Ich liebe seine Gedichte die roh und poetisch sind. Da gibts noch eine Menge mehr zu entdecken, aber ich denke, Ihr macht Euch besser selber ein Bild: Poet’s desk!

Danke Ron, dass Du meinem Blog folgst!


A Poet ~ my first follower/ Ein Dichter ~ mein erster Follower #blogging #poetry #amwriting


I feel like it is a bit funny to start with a blogging project on a 31. But as there is no real relationship between the number of my followers and a month or a week or a day I might as well.

It is interesting to see who your followers are. Not that I know them in person or more closely but you can find out a lot by reading their blogs. My first follower is Poetjanstie who has a beautiful poetry blog called “My poetry library” (the picture of the squirrel on it is priceless 🙂 ).

I can not remember how we “met”. I think it was on Twitter and after I visited his blog I was very impressed. I think what made me follow him was his bio on his Twitter profile which says something about “Reluctant metallurgist”. I wondered what that might be but still have not found out :-).

Somehow we must be of similar spirit though as I thought when I was reading the commentary to his poem Midnigh Morvening (and no I will not explain what that is because it is worth visiting his blog and find out by yourself :-): commentary on Midnigh morvening)

Apparently he got the inspiration for the poem via Twitter and a tweet from a friend. Twitter has inspired me quite often since I have joined and I start to think that every writer and poet should join it ;-).

I thought about writing a poem about the reluctant metallurgist but that has to wait as my insomnia does not carry that long.

So there is only one thing left to say: “Thanks John Anstie for being my first follower!”

Ich finde es ein bischen komisch, ein Bloggerprojekt an einem 31. zu beginnen aber da die Zahl meiner Follower nichts mit einem Monat, einer Woche oder einem Tag zu tun hat kann ich es genauso gut tun.

Es ist interessant, wer Deine Blog-Follower sind. Nicht, dass ich sie persoenlich oder sonstwie naeher kennen wuerde aber man findet viel ueber eine Person heraus, wenn man seinen/ihren Blog liest. Mein erster follower war und ist  Poetjanstie, der einen wunderbaren Lyrikblog (leider nur in englischer Sprache) hat:  “My poetry library” (Das Bild dort von dem Eichhoernchen ist einfach grossartig).

Ich kann mich nicht daran erinnern, wie wir uns “trafen”. Ich denke es war auf  Twitter und nachdem ich seinen Blog besuchte war ich beeindruckt. Ich glaube, was mich ihm folgen lies war sein Bio auf seinem Twitter Profil das etwas von einem  “Reluctant metallurgist”. Ich wunderte mich, was das wohl sein koennte habe das aber immer noch nicht herausgefunden).

Irgendwie muessen wir verwandte Seelen sein, dachte ich als ich denn Kommentar zu seinem Gedicht  Midnigh Morvening  las (und nein ich werde jetzt nicht erklaeren, was das ist, da sein Blog besuchenswert ist und Ihr das selber rausfinden solltet :-): commentary on Midnigh morvening)

Offensichtlich hatte er die Inspiration fuer das Gedicht auf Twitter durch den Tweet eines Freundes gefunen. Twitter hat mich auch schon oft inspiriert und deshalb habe ich angefangen zu denken, dass jeder Autor und Dichter sich bei Twitter anmelden sollte ;-).

Ich habe darueber nachgedacht ein Gedicht ueber den reluctant metallurgist, zu schreiben aber meine SChlaflosigkeit haelt dann doch nicht so lange durch.

Deshalb gibt es nur noch eines zu sagen: Danke John Anstie, dass Du mein erster Follower bist!”

#frapalymo ~ I discovered something (attention German links)


Sometimes you just have to be wild and try something. I have never used the “reblog” button that offers. Earlier I wrote a blog post in my German poetry blog about  @FrauPaulchens Blog “sophie paulchen.bloggt” and her projekt #frapalymo and I tried the reblog button. I hoped I could change the entry here and add the English translation in the other post but that is not possible. Well, there are two entries to day then:

#frapalymo is “Mrs Paulchens poetry month 30 Days, 30 poems (+1), no excuses” how she writes on her blog (I hope she forgives me that I dared to translate it 🙂 ) The idea is brilliant: She challenges us to write a poem on every day in May and to connect it either via Pingback or via Twitter and the hashtag #frapalymo with her blog.

She had a lot of success with this project last November and had another idea for this month: Every day she gives us a impuls either from Twitter, books, current events or other blogs and it is for us what we want to do with it.

I am excited: I have not written poetry a lot lately and I really need this “poetry~holiday”.

If you write in German and want to know more about it ~ here is the link: Im Maien die Lyrik

I better get on writing….. 🙂

Voice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st Century


Voice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st CenturyVoice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st Century by James Byrne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I still do not have a clue how to do a proper book review for a poetry book. If you want to do a sophisticated one you probably need to know about the use of language, about verses, rhymes ect. But well ~ even in school that kind of talk about poetry seemed to be a bit of a blabla to me.
For me poetry is like an explanation of life, it arouses emotions, it creates images in my mind, it responds to my experiences and if it is really good it makes me think and inspires me to write one as well.
Looking at “Voice Recognition ~ 21 poets for the 21ST century” from that point of view I found a lot of it.

The 21 poets, all born betweet 1977 & 1990, are the “new stars” of British poetry according to the editors James Byrne & Clare Pollard . You can find a great variety of forms from a ballad kind style of Siddharta Bose to free poetry which uses visual effects of Ahren Warner.
They talk about relationships, death, sex, immigration and the challenges one has to face growing up in ever faster changing world.
If you want to have a peek into one of the poets find your way to Adam O’Riordan’s page and poems.

This book is definitely worth reading and I think about buying it.

Ich habe immer noch keine Ahnung, wie man eine Buchsprechung eines Lyrikbandes richtig macht. Wenn sie gebildet sein soll, muss man vermutlich etwas ueber den Gebrauch von Sprache, etwas ueber Verse, Reime ect wissen. Aber tja, sogar in der Schule schien mir diese Art von Annaeherung an Lyrik ein grosses BlaBla zu sein.

Lyrik is fuer mich eine Erklaerung des Lebens, sie erregt Gefuehle, zeichnet Bilder in meinem Geist und wenn sie wirklich gut ist bringt sie mich zum Denken und inspiriert mich, selber ein Gedicht zu schreiben. Wenn ich “Voice Recognition ~ 21 poets for the 21ST century” von diesem Standpunkt aus betrachte, finde ich eine Menge davon.

Die 21 Lyriker und Lyrikerinnen, die alle zwischen 1977 & 1990 geboren wurden, sind die “neuen Stars” des Britischen Gedichts. Das jedenfalls finden James Byrne & Clare Pollard die Herausgeber des Buches. Man findet eine grosse Vielfalt von Lyrik von den balladenhaften Gedichten des Siddharta Bose zum eher freien Stil, der mit visuellen Effekten arbeitet, von Ahren Warner.
Sie sprechen von Beziehungen, Tod, Sex, Einwanderung und den Herausforderungen, denen man gestellt ist, wenn man in einer sich immer schneller veraendernden Welt aufwaechst.

Falls Du einen kleinen Blick auf einen der Lyriker des Buches werfen moechtest, schaue einfach bei Adam O’Riordan’s Seite nach.

Dieses Buch ist es wert zu lesen und ich bin am ueberlegen, ob ich es mir nicht kaufen soll.

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