2017 ~ The Year of Finishing Unfinished Projects!


December is always a month of looking back what the old year has brought. Apparently for successful blogging and writing you are supposed to do exactly that for your blog and writing projects and then set new goals for the next year.

I am not good with goals. I set myself many and even manage to create small steps to achieve them and then I just stop. Of course, we could go into all the psychological stuff why this happens and I could analyze it from many a point of view but to be honest. I don’t care.

However, in December I remembered a few of my writing projects that I have started in the last few years but never finished and I got an urge to use 2017 to do exactly that.

What are those projects?

  • a love story
  • a fantasy story
  • a sci-fi story
  • a poetry book at Blurb


  • t-shirts at Teespring

Ok, I admit the Teespring thing isn’t exactly a writing project but I want to create t-shirts that motivate writers and bloggers and do something on the mental health front too.

And I am happy to report that some progress has been made ;-).

I have finished the outline of the love story with Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method and am now working on figuring the different viewpoints of each character to give it a little more depth.

At first, I had planned to put it in a book but as I am so addicted to blogging it will appear here on “Just Fooling Around With Bee or The Bee Writes…” later in the year.

And I have created a t-shirt to support my quest of finishing unfinished projects:


photo credit: Teespring

I have ordered mine already and can’t wait for the end of the month to find out if others want to join the quest. It will arrive in mid-February. So cool!

Last year I have already made a shirt with them with one of my poems:

Yes, I know there is a typo in it 🙁 but never mind. The shirt is very comfy and I wear it at home all the time.

That’s it for this week. I am off to get on with the love story :-).

So stayed tuned on “Just Fooling Around With Bee or The Bee Writes…” to find out more about my 2017 finishing unfinished projects quests or visit the Teespring page (and for my readers in the US here) to see the different shirts or even make your own!

Poem at night ~ 23Nov16 ~ A love poem


A Love Poem

free mind

feeling thighs

and chest and





your hand

on my back

my head

on your



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#Poem at Night ~ Words That Love You


September 2016

I love to experiment in poetry with both languages I speak every now and then. And in May 2012 I obviously did exactly that. Even though I am not quite sure if you can put it as a poem. But well, opinions differ a lot when it comes to poetry :-).

May 2012

Words that love you

Love ~ Liebe

to fall in love ~ verlieben

lovingly ~ liebevoll

smitten ~ liebestrunken

which words

love me more?

English frapalymo

This poem is inspired by @FrauPaulchen‘s #frapalymo prompt for 14. May 2012.

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Should you really date a girl who reads?/ Solltest Du wirklich mit einem Maechen ausgehen, das liest? ~ a #bilingual #blogpost


October 2016

I wrote this post in February 2013. A few weeks ago I thought about the text on The Monica Bird’s page and wanted to read it. So here is the link to the post and my thoughts on it 🙂

February 2013

Maybe you have read the short text from TheMonicaBird.

I have read it many, many times. It makes me cry whenever I read it. I even read it to my husband but it had not the intended effect: He just looked at me astonished and wondered what all the fuzz was about.

Still, I love my husband and think he is simply the best: He puts up with me crying, giggling and mumbling when I sit reading beside him while he enjoys himself on the PlayStation on Battlefield.

He does not mind that I spend money on books and sit half of the day in front of the laptop writing more or less silly things.

But he did start worrying, if it was really a good idea to date a girl who reads (and writes) when I got up last night to get my towel down beside me and wrote “Don’t panic” on the Kindle…… 😉

Oktober 2016

Diesen Post habe ich im Februar 2013 geschrieben. Vor ein paar Wochen erinnerte ich mich an den Text auf der The Monica Bird page und wollte ihn mal wieder lesen. Hier also der Link zum Text und meine Gedanken dazu :-).

Februar 2013

Vielleicht hast Du ja schonmal den kurzen Text auf TheMonicaBird (englisch) gelesen.

Ich habe ihn schon viele, viele Male gelesen. Ich weine dann immer. Ich habe ihn sogar meinem Mann vorgelesen aber irgendwie hatte es nicht den gewuenschten Effekt: Er hat mich nur angeschaut und sich gewundert, worums da eigentlich ging.

Trotzdem liebe ich meinen Mann und denke er ist der beste von allen: Er haelt es mit mir aus, wenn ich weinend, kichernd, murmelnd neben ihm mit einem Buch in der Hand sitze, waehrend er sich auf der Playstation mit Battlefield amuesiert.

Es macht ihm nichts aus, dass ich mein Geld fuer Buecher ausgebe und den halben Tag lang vor dem Laptop sitze und mehr oder weniger bloedes Zeug schreibe.

Aber letzte Nacht als ich aufstand und mir ein Handtuch holte und dann auf das Kindle “Don’t panic” schrieb, da hat er sich dann doch gefragt, ob es eine gute Idee war, mit einem Maedchen, das liest auszugehen……. 😉

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#Poem at night ~ YOU


September 2016

Every May and November I take part in a German poetry project since November 2011. I love @FrauPaulchen’s prompts because they are incredibly creative and oftentimes challenging. But that is the fun of it. Here you can find one of the poems I’ve done in May 2012.

May 2012

Follow your own star!



your gentle soul




your grief




a touching



This poem is inspired by @FrauPaulchen‘s #frapalymo prompt for 24. May 2012.



Mindful Self-Love


Love Is In Da BlogToday I am going to write about self-love.

Combined two blogging challenges

Over at “Just Fooling Around With Bee” my February blogging challenge “Love Is In Da Blog” has started, and I have decided for this year to combine it with other blogging challenges I love and take part in.

That is why “Mindful Monday ~ Healthier Living” will get some tender love and care in this cold and windy month of February. I have combined both and will post my Monday posts here at “A Spirit of Healing”. The other days posts will be over at “The Bee Writes…” Oh, I feel confusion raising its ugly head. But we’ll get there.

The First #LoIsInDaBl prompt is “Mindful Self-Love”

The first prompt is “Mindful Self-Love” because I believe everything starts with ourselves and loving ourself. If we are not accepting of ourselves it is hard to take care of our bodies. If we do not love ourselves, it is hard to create all the changes that are necessary to create a healthier life.

Walking when my mental health suffers

Even though I had this huge need of walking to get rid of my anxiety when I had my flashback in November, it usually goes the other way when my mental health suffers.

Both anxiety and depression, in my opinion, are closely connected with self-love. If depression hits all your thoughts get a downward very negative spiral and for me it usually ends with something like: You are not good enough! No matter what you try, you fail anyway. That is not something that self-love would make you think.

Being active is difficult when depression hits

And when I am in that spiral it gets so difficult to get up in the morning. After all, what’s the point if I fail in everything? I can have a look at seven years of blogging, my integration into a foreign country and surviving my childhood but nothing will make me believe that I have achieved anything or that yes, I am worth loving. A bleak desperation takes over my thinking and, in turn; my physical activities go bust entirely.

Now I have learned over the years that giving into that thought pattern and stop being active is the worse someone with depression can do. If I give into that impulse I have lost already and the black dog has won. So I get on with my life. I cut down things ~ yes ~ because it is just so exhausting to motivate yourself to do things but I keep some essentials going.

Easy ways of staying active

First of all household chores. They are easy, and you can see a success directly. If you managed to keep your house clean, you can feel some love for yourself. After all, you have achieved a clean house. Writing diary or morning pages. Not exactly a physical activity but journaling gives you the chance to air all those heavy, black and negative thoughts and leave them somewhere. If it is in your private journal you do not scare the people around you so much either. Because that is the least, you want to do: Scare your loved ones.Love Is In Da Blog

And since a few years, I try to keep up walking as well. That I am not necessarily very successful with but I’m getting there. Walking seems to have a positive effect on sorting soul things out. It appears to have a positive impact on letting go of past hurt and decisions that were not healthy and with that to let the darkness go.

I so often experience that I become one with the world and at peace with my life, and I can say to myself: I am enough! I have achieved a lot in my life, and it is all well.

And sometimes just sometimes I give my inner child a hug and say to her: I love you!

All these are reasons why I try to integrate walking into my daily life. And I want to say “Thank you!” to Colleen, who has motivated me last week to keep going. I have not been a bad girl this time :-). I have managed to surpass my goal three times last week and nearly succeeded in one day. I had one day with 0 walking time even though I have been active in the house. But Storm Gertrud was raging and even though it was not as bad down in Norfolk as it was in Scottland it was still windy enough to keep me at home. And one day I did one-third of my goal. Never mind. It’s the three days that I surpassed that count.

This week I have to say I am a little challenged again concerning timing. I do a blogging challenge at one blog, and I have started a free online course on mental health and reading at the University of Warwickshire so I have plenty of excuses not to go for a walk. Today I have already skipped but the next storm is approaching, and it is already pretty windy. But *drumroll* I have managed to do some dancing and running in the house. It adds up to 10 minutes but, at least, it’s 10 minutes more than doing nothing! Looks like I love myself more and more :-)!


This post takes both part in Colleen’s “Mindful Monday ~ Healthy Living” and my “Love Is In Da Blog“. Please head over to both posts to find more healthy and loving posts in the comments but also in the posts themselves.

In this sense: May you have a healthy and loving week!