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January 2017

Writer’s Quote Wednesday does not exist anymore but I feel I need to be reminded on what I wrote in 2015 so I share it with you again :-).

March 2015

Today I discovered “Writer’s Quote Wednesday” on Colleen’s wonderful blog “Silver Threading“(This link leads to her renamed blog). She encourages us to share the writer’s quote that inspire us.

Instantly “Carpe Diem” usually translated to “seize the day” came to my mind. Apparently, it is taken from Horace’s “Odes” but many of us probably know it from a film called “The Dead Poets Society“. I cannot tell you how many times I watched this film. The late Robin Williams played a teacher trying to get his pupils to think for themselves and to discover poetry. I so wished I would have had a teacher like that.

I was 18 when it came out, and it spoke right to my heart and I can still cry about one of the boy’s suicides. My mother had passed away six years previously, and I think that is one of the lessons I learned not only from that film but her passing:

Don’t wait until you have time to do something you love. There will always be something that gets in the way, and suddenly it will be too late.

The older I get the more I think in the mornings: If I would die today what would I regret not having done? I can honestly say most of the things I really wanted I have gained or achieved. Writing the fantasy novel still stands out but I am working on that one. (We can’t be perfect all the time, can we? 😉 ).

Even if we would get 90 years old, this life is short. Time runs and if you do not do what you love and what your heart really graves for you waste your life. Just go for it! Because you are worth it! 😉

Carpe Diem

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  1. indeed seize the day – trouble is Life gets in the way sometimes:( i do like the quote though and my friend an I use it a fair amount – It was drummed into us in childhood- part of the work ethic but it’s good to do:).

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